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From single-family homes to large-scale apartment complexes, the Weil-McLain name is synonymous with warmth and comfort. Our energy-efficient, high quality gas and oil-fired boilers can be designed to fit the tightest spaces, with boiler controls and zone controllers tailored to any size residential application. > Get A Quote >

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Mixing copper with steel pipe is ok for a hot water system. Generally the piping in those systems (because it is a closed loop and no oxygen in the system) last a long, long time. I would budget for the boilers replacement with a gas boiler. Check with your gas utility first to > Get A Quote >

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But I can't find anything saying asbestos was used in water heaters. It was used as insulation, indiscriminately on boilers, water heaters, water pipes, etc. If it was a big humongous thing, it was probably a boiler for the heating system which incidentally also heated domestic hot water. posted by beagle at 5:24 AM on January 9, 2008 > Get A Quote >

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Ideal Commercial Boilers, one of the most respected names in the UK heating industry, has been operating from its Hull manufacturing base since 1906 > Get A Quote >


2018-11-6 · A Asbestos cement water tank B Pipe lagging C Loose fill insulation D extured T decorative coating e.g. Artex E AIB ceiling tiles F AIB bath panel G Toilet seat and cistern H AIB behind fuse box I AIB airing cupboard and/or sprayed insulation coating on boiler and hot water tank J AIB partition wall K AIB interior window panel L AIB around > Get A Quote >

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2018-4-9 · HomeAdvisor's Furnace Versus Boiler Guide compares the differnces between hot water boilers and forced air furnaces. Explore which is better, hydronic baseboard heating or ducted air for the following: cost, efficiency, fuel type, installation, location/space, safety, cleaning and tune-ups, and more. > Get A Quote >

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Not only should you check what they need, but, by installing more boilers of a smaller output you will find that the efficiency of the new system will out way the overall costs of the comparable boilers. Other opportunities of saving money is to find out: If they have a requirement for this much hot water thus reducing the load? > Get A Quote >

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Asbestos was used everywhere, especially as a heat-resistant insulation for hot water pipes, heaters, and boilers. Fiber Control, Inc. talks about asbestos in the basement. > Get A Quote >

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2007-10-10 · My oil-fired hot water boiler is 40 years old and I'm looking at replacing it soon. I will be looking at putting in an indirect hot water heater at the same time. I'll be getting quotes from HVAC contractors, but before the whole process begins, I want to educate myself about how the systems work, available features, and specs and reviews of particular brands of boilers and > Get A Quote >

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Asbestos pipe was one of the wonder products of the mid-20th century. Post-war homebuilders used it in multiple applications including underground drainage pipe and vent pipe.. However, beginning in 1973, most forms of asbestos in residential construction were federally designated as hazardous air pollutants. Most materials containing asbestos were phased out of residential home building over > Get A Quote >

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2018-11-1 · Safe management of industrial steam and hot water boilers Water treatment As with all systems where water is heated there will be a potential for scaling. This can lead to a loss of efficiency or, in extreme cases, premature failure of the boiler due to either scale build-up on the internal surfaces or debris from corrosion > Get A Quote >

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Ensure boilers, heating systems and appliances are in good working order. Wood combination heaters can be either hot-air furnaces or hot-water boilers. A single burner, inside the boiler, supplies heat for one or more space heating zones and a domestic water heating zone. Each of the boilers has a monitoring system that regulates the fuel-to > Get A Quote >

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It's only when the asbestos is moved or damaged that the fibers become airborne and put people at risk of inhalation. If you have heating ducts containing asbestos in your home, you're advised not to remove the pipe wrap on your own. Instead, call experienced asbestos abatement technicians for assistance. Health Risks of Asbestos in Heating > Get A Quote >


2019-8-22 · requirements for packaged hot water and steam boiler systems (oil, gas or combination oil/gas fired) of up to 6000 kW 20,000,000 Btuh output capacity. The hot water boiler systems operate at water temperatures below 120 degrees C 250 degrees F and water working pressures less than 1100 kPa 160 psi. The steam heating systems operate up to 100 kPa 15 > Get A Quote >

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Asbestos was a common form of insulation in older homes, particularly on central heating boilers and the associated components. Its effectiveness was excellent, unfortunately there is a downside with serious health concerns should the asbestos fibers become airborne. In many older homes asbestos can be seen on the air ducts, hot water or steam radiator [] > Get A Quote >

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2013-7-24 · Asbestos is no longer used as widely in boilers, thanks to regulations. The Clean Air Act (CAA) banned asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos block insulation materials that are either pre-formed, or molded, and friable and that are used to construct boilers and hot water tanks. > Get A Quote >

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Asbestos is usually white, and its matted fibres can be crumbly if unbound or deteriorated. Asbestos is no longer widely used commercially, but it can still be found in many older homes and buildings. You may find asbestos wrapped around older hot water pipes and water boilers, or > Get A Quote >

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Hamworthy Heating is a leading British commercial boiler manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating and hot water solutions. We can help you find the most energy efficient heating and hot water system for your building. > Get A Quote >

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A calorifier is an indirect-fired water heater to provide hot water in a heating and hot water system. Indirect fired means the water heater does not contain a burner. It is a storage water cylinder with one or more heat exchanger coils which contain hot liquids (water or solar fluid). However, due to increased efficiencies, modern boilers > Get A Quote >

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